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Support our Ground Breaking Cancer Research

Published on June 8, 2016 by Oceans Ltd.

ground breaking cancer research

We need your support! Oceans Ltd. has been investing all of its profits from its contractual business revenue into research on the bioactivity of cold water seaweeds, and although our clinically tested, cancer-killing seaweed research is cutting edge, in order to advance the research, we need your support in advancing our technology.

Oceans Ltd. has previously conducted a series of studies to characterize and evaluate the anti-cancer bioactivity associated with seaweed extracts with positive results. These studies identified potential lead extracts which were followed through to the animal trial stage. The next step is to prepare an extract of the pure compound and carry out in-vivo tests through mice trials for verification.

Research on the anti-cancer properties of seaweeds has led to a need for more in depth investigation of the major components responsible for bioactivity. Oceans Ltd. would also like to test its extracts on other cancers, but does not have the funds to do so.  To date, the company has invested between $500,000 and $600,000 per year from company resources.  Now company resources are low due to the decline in the oil industry.

seaweed cancer research

Once the verification is complete, the discovery will be announced through a press release. The plan is to license the technology to drug companies because the anti-cancer extract is a potential pharmaceutical product.

In Canada, Oceans Ltd. is not able to apply for cancer research funds because the foundation only support the public sector and not individuals or private companies who do significant research with outstanding results.  Oceans Ltd. is a small private sector company and is now asking for your help in continuing this important research.  Oceans Ltd. would keep you informed on the progress and results of the research by posting the results on its website.  You would know how your funds are being spent.

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