Other specializations of the company include:

  • Meteorology / Climate studies
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Marine Search and Rescue R&D
  • Navigational Aids
  • Software Development
  • Hyperbaric Pressure Testing
  • Toxicology


Company Profile


Oceans Ltd. operates out of two offices located in St. John's, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Newfoundland office has a 24/7 marine weather and sea state forecasting office in-house. Both offices provide site-specific, area, and route forecasting services to various offshore clients.

Oceans Ltd. was incorporated in Newfoundland in 1981 in order to carry out applied research and services in oceanography. Since that time, the company has grown and diversified substantially into specific work categories with the ocean as the common link.


Company Involvement

Ocean Research - Oceans Ltd. has conducted a variety of research activities which include search and rescue field trials; detection of objects at sea; oceanographic data collection and analysis of waves; currents and ocean circulation; and studies of vibration characteristics of ships.

Weather Forecasting / Meteorology - With its operational weather forecasting office Oceans Ltd. has been providing marine weather and sea state forecasts to offshore operators and vessels.


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